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Traveling Landscapes: Miniature Landscapes to Travel by Kathleen Vance

Traveling Landscapes: Miniature Landscapes to Travel by Kathleen Vance As part of her ongoing series titled Traveling Landscapes, New York-based artist Kathleen Vance constructs entire landscapes inside of old steamer trunks and repurposed luggage. Many of the pieces incorporate real running water, soil, and…

Surreal Digital Art by Leslie Ann O’Dell

Beautiful Surreal Dark Art by Leslie Ann O’Dell DeviantArt / on Behance Surreal Illustrations/photographs by Leslie Ann O’Dell. Leslie is an intuitive visual artist photographer Leslie. She starts her creation mostly with her camera. Her work is emotional, tense, and a bit enigmatic. Enregistrer

Rohan Sharad Dahotre Loves to Doodles on Wild Animals

Rohan Rohan Sharad Dahotre Loves to Doodles on Wild Animals Rohan Sharad Dahotre is an Indian illustrator and designer whose enthusiasm for nature and wildlife is reflected in his work. In his fun and cute series of illustrations entitled ‘Animal Doodles‘, he digitally doodles…

Jack Hardwicke – Cosmic

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Jack Hardwicke – Cosmic These completely out-of-this-world cosmic creations are created by Brighton based Photographer Jack Hardwicke (aka The Eidophusikon). Patternbank are loving theawesome clash of colours and the otherworldly abstract qualities ofthese pieces. Are they photographs, paintings, scientific experiments or fragments from the…