LIGHT is TIME: The Golden Rain Installation by Citizen

 Light is Time : The Golden Rain Installation by Citizen 65,000 Watch Base-Plates Create A Magical Installation In Tokyo For more info: Renowned Japanese watch manufacturer CITIZEN recently unveiled a stunning installation called  Light is Time  at Milan Design Week. Displayed in the Triennale di Milano exhibition hall, the spectacular installation consists of 80,000 main... Lire la Suite →

Kaleidoscopic Floor Installations Made of Mirrors, Crystals and Glass by Suzan Drummen

Kaleidoscopic Floor Installations Made of Mirrors, Crystals and Glass by Suzan Drummen More info: suzandrummen | Facebook Suzan Drummen's mesmerizing art installations cover floors and walls with kaleidoscope designs that employ thousands of tiny sparkling pieces. The artwork is made using pieces of crystal, metal, gems, mirrors and optic glass. The designs sprawl across a... Lire la Suite →

Deliciously Fun Miniature Food Art That You Can Wear.

Deliciously Fun Miniature Food Art That You Can Wear by Shay Aaron  Shop here Are you ready for something absolutely impressive? Have a nosey at these mouth-watering creations coming from Tel Aviv-based artist Shay Aaron and you’ll discover an array of oh-so-delicious food-inspired jewelry pieces that seem good enough to eat. Delicious? No, simply and... Lire la Suite →

Audacious Face Ornaments by Joann Tan

Audacious Face Ornaments by Joann Tan  On Facebook It is to better denounce the drifts of the cosmetic surgery and go against the current of the canons of beauty that the Malaysian Joann Tan launched its collection "Not Your Average Beauty". From unique pieces to strange beauty. To better sublimate the reliefs of each face.... Lire la Suite →

Beautiful Vintage Embroidered jewerly By Marta Krajewska

  Beautiful Vintage Embroidered jewerly By Marta Krajewska Etsy "Every time I make embroidered jewerly, I fully engage myself. For every single embroidery i spent many hours and prepare several projects. My jewerly can be characterized trough two aspects excelent quality and perfect finish. In my work I use only natural materials – cotton, linen and... Lire la Suite →

Skeletal Caged Couture by Nika Danielska

Skeletal Caged Couture by Nika Danielska Macabre in style and sharp in design, these fetish fashion designs by Nika Danielska feature skeletal cages that constrict and contort the body for the sake of fashion. Face masks, neck braces and shoulder spikes make up this daring collection, blurring the lines between pain and couture with their... Lire la Suite →

Luciana Rondolini’s Bejeweled Sculptures and Drawings

 Inner and outer beauty by Luciana Rondolini “The inner and outer beauty” is a series of beautiful jewelry works by Luciana Rondolini, talented artist and jeweler from Argentina. Tiffany Jewelry is a symbol of beauty, luxury and affluence. These works represent a variety of vegetables and fruits – dried, rotten, obviously not fresh. Outside these... Lire la Suite →

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