The Art of Mehndi & Erotic Henna By Mary Ginkas (sensitive content)

The Art of Mehndi & Erotic Henna By Маша Гинкас/ Mary Ginkas (sensitive content) Erotic henna is a new form of art that celebrates the fememine body, highliting the natural beauty of women, usually done around the chest, belly, legs and back, it became popular when the work of the russian henna artist Mary Ginkas... Lire la Suite →

Erotic and Realistic Sugar Sculptures by Joseph Marr NSFW

Erotic and Realistic Sugar Sculptures by Joseph Marr Created by artist Joseph Marr, this series of Laura sculptures are lifelike human forms sculpted completely out of preserved sugar. Each piece features the same nude female, Laura Weyel, standing with a delicate rope that wraps around her shoulders and cascades to the floor. Glistening with light,... Lire la Suite →

The Bold Minimalist Style of French Artist Malika Favre

The bold minimalist style of french artist Malika Favre on twitter and instagram. Malika Favre is a French Illustrator based in London with a penchant for the “Less Is More” maxim.  Looking at her body of work this becomes visibly apparent as illustration after illustration displays vivid colors & patterns across swathes of negative space.  The combination... Lire la Suite →


PHOTOGRAPHS OF WATER AND ROMANCE BY LANA PRINS facebook, instagram Dutch photographer Lana Prins (born 1993) has been taking pictures of women since she was 15. Obsessed by female sensuality, innocence and the body, women are until today the main focus in her work. She finds inspiration for her romantic pictures in her sister, friends and even herself.... Lire la Suite →

Striking & Colorful Erotic Illustrations by Hélène Boutanos

Striking & Colorful Erotic Illustrations by Hélène Boutanos Hélène Boutanos is the French illustrator who hides behind the project Parties Nobles. It’s a series of erotic illustrations playing, with subtlety, with the gastronomic vocabulary, staying politically correct. Prints are available here. (h/t:Fubiz)

_NSFW_ Impressive Erotic Illustrations Of Apollonia Saintclair

 Impressive Erotic illustrations Of  Apollonia Saintclair  on Tumblr - Behance -Society6  Ink is my blood. I draw for my own sake and for your pleasure. As a long-time resident of the Old World, I split my time between the kitchen and my studio.' Apollonia Saintclair. She creating neo-noir surrealist sexscapes. Apollonia Saintclair, the artist who’s collected thousands... Lire la Suite →

« My Neon Doll » by Mystery Ladies on Vimeo (nsfw)

MY NEON DOLL by Mystery Ladies  A pretty doll escaped from a 90s VHS dressed in fluo comes alive and plays between the shadow and the light. It is the blacklight performance of Lilou, great accustomed of the shows on stage, she accepted to take up the challenge of this graphic and aesthetic video between... Lire la Suite →

Warren du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones’ Merging Bodies

Warren du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones' Merging Bodies Nick Thornton Jones takes gorgeous, high-saturation photos of models utilizing an overlapping technique that exoticizes the inherent form of his models. Using bright, neon-fruit colors and the kind of post silhouettes of Bond Girls in tight spandex, Jones creates an intoxicating new take on a nostalgic... Lire la Suite →

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