Vintage Inspired Shell Ring Dishes Showcase Classical Paintings

Vintage Inspired Shell Dishes with Classical Paintings California-based artist Mary from Rtist Mary is deeply impassioned by everything vintage and artsy. A craft addict, Mary creates everything from trinkets to jewelry. Her collection of seashells possesses a vintage sensibility since they are constructed in a shell shape. Each shell dish contains Romantic paintings, which accentuate … Continue reading Vintage Inspired Shell Ring Dishes Showcase Classical Paintings


Hypnotizing Spiral Staircase Photography

Image credits:  Philipp Götze Image credits: Naoto Tsujimoto Image credits: Lucas Portee Image credits: iwillbehomesoon Image credits: Nattapol Pornsalnuwat Image credits: Renate Dodell Image credits: Matthias Haker Image credits: Izidor Gasperlin Image credits: Matthias Haker Image credits: Matthias Hakez Image credits: Laszlo Gal Image credits: Guillaume Rio Image credits: Matthias Hake Image credits: Vincent Spanneut Image credits: Tony Antoniou Image credits: Matthias Haker Image credits: Matthias Haker … Continue reading Hypnotizing Spiral Staircase Photography