Face-Devouring Photography By Lucas Simões (nudity content)

  Face-Devouring Photography By Lucas Simões I’m not sure what it is about our nature that makes us constantly want to mutilate faces — and maybe that is just the simplest explanation for all of our recent zombie activity — but sometimes there’s just nothing more carnally fulfilling than running paper faces under an acid... Lire la suite →

The Surreal and Pop World of Eugenia Loli

All images © Eugenia Loli  Surreal Pop World of Eugenia Loli You can follow more of Loli’s work on Instagram or Facebook, and she sells prints and other things in her shop. Collage artist Eugenia Loli uses photography scanned from vintage magazines and science publications to create bizarre visual narratives that borrow from aspects of... Lire la suite →

Edgy fashion editorial collages by Stephanie Lopes Simoes

Edgy fashion editorial collages by Stephanie Lopes Simoes on Behance and Instagram Stephanie Lopes Simoes is a graphic designer from South Africa, now living and working in Antwerp, Belgium. Stephanie’s main focus lies on creating collage illustrations from fashion editorial photography. Her work keeps the editorial feel from the original photograph, yet by adding layers of... Lire la suite →

Editorial collages with an abstract edge by Louise Mertens

on Behance Louise Mertens is an illustrator & graphic designer from Antwerp, Belgium, with a sharp eye for making editorial collage work. In her work Louise likes to bring a touch of mystery to fashion editorial photography; it’s always as if her characters are hiding something. By browsing through fashion magazines looking for clean and... Lire la suite →

Creative Sculptures by Yoan Capote

Creative Sculptures by Yoan Capote Yoan Capote is a wonderful and very smart sculptor hailing from Pinar del Rio,  The young artist creates paradoxical images with political and psychological connotations. Sculptures with inanimate objects around the human body. Majority of Capote’s work speaks on a broad myriad of social issues from sexuality, prostitution, environmental issues,... Lire la suite →

Dark photo manipulations by Anja Millen

  'Dark photo manipulations by Anja Millen  On DeviantArt  German artist Anja Millen has been creating art since 1984, shifting from analog work to a more modern mix of different styles you can see in her latest works. Although her techniques differ from when she started, the dark and dramatic feel in her work is... Lire la suite →

The Veiled Ghosts of Livio Scarpella

The Veiled Ghosts of Livio Scarpella The work of Italian contemporary artist Livio Scarpella turns good and evil into delicacy.  This group of sculptures, named “Ghosts Underground”, depicts lost souls anguishing beneath the effect of a thin veil.  Scarpella’s interest in this subject was inspired by a trip to the Sansevero Chapel in Naples, home... Lire la suite →

Delicious Morbid Portraits by Igor Skaletsky

Delicious Morbid Portraits by Igor Skaletsky on Behance Igor Skaletsky does have what it takes to be a collage master. Born in 1978 in Russia, this freelance illustrator has travelled in the hot spots of contemporary art, including Israel and Germany, to find his own visual identity. The result of this initiatory trip is a... Lire la suite →

Anouk Wipprecht’s 3D-Printed Robotic Spider Dress

 Anouk Wipprecht’s 3D-Printed Robotic Spider Dress  On Facebook Robotic Spider Dress In collaboration with engineer Daniel Schatzmayr, Anouk Wipprecht’s latest techno-couture creation is a sinister robotic spider dress. Fashioningtech. Perched on the wearer’s shoulders are animated robotic limbs that eerily crawl around the body. The robotic dress both incites the curiosity of passersby by coyly... Lire la suite →

Edgy fashion photography by Maciej Grochala

Edgy fashion photography by Maciej Grochala Facebook,  Behance Maciej Grochala is a photographer from Gdansk, Poland. Maciej’s portfolio displays a wide variety of work: from fashion editorial work to artistic nudes, portraits and advertising work.  Darker work: fashion editorial photography with an edge. Maciej does a great job catching the beauty of the fashion and... Lire la suite →

Anatomical Sculptures by Claude-Olivier

Anatomical Sculptures by Claude-Olivier Guay At the outset, these sculptures by artist Claude-Olivier Guay appear like a jumble of wire and feathers folded into a heap, but each hides a remarkable secret. Working only with a pair of pliers, Guay folds, bends, and twists an inner framework of hidden creatures that dramatically transform with a bit of... Lire la suite →

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