This is how you can turn your smartphone into a 3D hologram projector


This is how you can turn your smartphone into a 3D hologram projector

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3D hologram projectors are pretty cool. They may seem to be very complex technology and they really are. But there is a very simple way for you to make one yourself. At your home. Yes.

YouTube tech reviewer ‘Mrwhosetheboss’ will teach you how, and you don’t even need a lot to build one. All you need, is a smart phone, graph paper, a pair of scissors, a pen, some tape, a knife or glass cutter, a ruler and an old CD case.


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Glowing Dress Turns Claire Danes Into Cinderella At The Met Gala


Image credits: zacposen


Image credits: zacposen


Image credits: itsmatin


Image credits: zacposen


Image credits: zacposen


Image credits: zacposen


PHOTO: Getty Images

A True Show-Stopper

Zac Posen light up dress, Met Gala 2016


. Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images/AFP


Glowing Dress Turns Claire Danes Into Cinderella At The Met Gala

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The theme of this year’s Met Ball, fittingly sponsored by Apple, was Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology, and Claire Danes’ dress took the cake. Designed by Zac Posen, he “sourced the fiber optic woven organza in this dress from France, and there are 30 mini battery packs sewn into the gown’s understructure,” according to FastCo.

The Met Gala is held annually for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum Of Art’s Costume (Fashion) Institute in New York City, the only department that has to fund itself. The invitation-only black-tie event is held on the first Monday in May, with tickets this year going for 30,000 USD, and tables for 275,000 USD.

Fiber Optic Radiance

However lovely the gown is in the daylight, it’s when the lights go down that the full impact of this gown is visible. Woven fiber optic organza from France adds the sparkle, using 30 mini battery packs sewn into seams of the dress.

A True Show-Stopper

Zac Posen is an awe-inspiring designer, who captivated everyone with his « knock it out of the park », show-stopper Cinderella gown. Mr. Posen’s ingenious concept will probably start a new age in dress design. It’s a work of art worth sharing.

Source: (h/t: elitedaily)

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30,000 LED Lights And Long Exposure Turn Budapest Trams Into Time Machines


Image Credits: Krisztian Birinyi

Image Credits: Zsolt Andrasi

Image Credits: Viktor Varga

Image Credits: Peter Almay

Image Credits: Kis Gabo Photography

Image Credits: Peter Lenkei

Image Credits: Istvan Decsi

Image Credits: Rizsavi Tamas

Image Credits: Istvan Decsi

Image Credits:

30,000 LED Lights And Long Exposure Turn Budapest Trams Into Time Machines

Most major western cities like Budapest are lit up marvelously for the holiday season, which gives experimental photographers the opportunity to play with the extraordinary effects that lights and long exposure can create! This is especially true of Budapest’s trams, which are decorated with 30,000 bright blinking LED lights every holiday season.

This compilation of different photographers’ work long exposure photos will make you wonder – are these decorated city trams or cosmic time-travelling vehicles?


h/t: 500px

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HYBYCOZO: The Hyperspace Bypass Construction Zone by Yelena Filipchuk & Serge Beaulieu




HYBYCOZO: The Hyperspace Bypass Construction Zone

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Hyperspace Bypass Construction Zone, is made of 3 complex 3D geometric shapes or 3 very simple 4D shapes, depending on how you look at it… Each is over 6 feet tall and made from gold laser cut steel panels. At night, they will be lit up with addressable LEDs.
We are seeking your support to help fund the installation of HYBYCOZO at Burning Man festival.
Yelena Filipchuk & Serge Beaulieu , from San Francisco who are inspired by the intersection of geometry, physics, art, science and are seeking to find the answer to life, the universe and everything. Our search has been profoundly affected by patterns that seem to be ever present in ancient and modern cultures and religions and mathematical and scientific models trying to describe the natural world.
Via: kickstarter
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Refik Anadol’s installation algorithmically generates the limitless using light, sound, and projection




Refik Anadol‘s installation algorithmically generates the limitless using light, sound, and projection

Infinity Room is an immersive environment project by Refik Anadol. Project is an integral part of artist’s ongoing ‘Temporary Immersive Environment Experiments’ which is a research on audio/visual installations by using the state called immersion which is the state of consciousness where an immersant’s awareness of physical self is transformed by being surrounded in an engrossing environment; often artificial, creating a perception of presence in a non-physical world.

In this project ‘infinity’ chosen as a concept,a radical effort to deconstruct the framework of this illusory space and transgress the normal boundaries of the viewing experience to set out to transform the conventional flat cinema projection screen into a three dimensional kinetic and architectonic space of visualisation by using contemporary algorithms.



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Immersive Interactive Installation in an Art Gallery in London

Immersive Interactive Installation in an Art Gallery in London

In January 25th, an installation by teamLab named Transcending Boundaries was visible at Pace Gallery in London This decline is in fact divided in two artworks: a first one called Universe of Water Particles, which represents a virtual waterfall flowing all along the gallery ; and a second one (Flowers Bloom on People) which consists in the apparition of flowers depending on the movements of the spectators. A spectacular and poetic installation that demonstrates the trend of including the audience in the artistic experience h/t:Time Out



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This Clock Has A Levitating Sphere That Tells The Time



 This Clock Has A Levitating Sphere That Tells The Time

FLYTE, the Swedish design company specializing in levitating products, has a new project in the works called Story a modern wood clock that makes the passage of time seem like more than just ticks coming from a clock. The Levitating lightbulb is a time telling piece that features a floating chrome magnetic sphere that orbits around a wooden base to tell the time, count down days, and act as a timer. Following the success of the light-as-air lamp, the team has come up with a new gravity-defying goodie:  Story also boasts stunning extra features, including backlighting, an optional LED matrix display, and a corresponding mobile app.

(h/t: contemporist/ Kickstarter)


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