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Surreal Black and White Photography by Silvia Grav

Surreal Black and White Photography by Silvia Grav On Flickr page | "Behance Through her photo-manipulations artworks, talented photographer Silvia Grav explores different kind of emotions. Here is a selection of her wonderful art, between light and shadow. Advertisements

Digital Illustrations on photograph by Max Milly

 Digital Illustrations on photograph by Max Milly  on Instagram Digital artist Max Milly shoots glamorous portraits and then transforms both the models and their makeup into surreal works of art. Max Milly  illustrates the faces slightly off centered with photo, giving an unusual but intriguing design.

Negative Portraits Using a Galaxy Color Palette

    Negative Portraits Using a Galaxy Color Palette This unique Hungarian artist Dàniel Taylor created a series of amazing works of art! Negative portrait photographs in a black background, with fillings of Cosmic Color Palette in certain parts of the silhouettes, like the hair! You can find more about this artist at his Instagram ...

Depression And Anxiety By Edward Honaker

Depression And Anxiety By Edward Honaker Twenty one-year-old photographer Edward Honaker documents his own depression in powerful self-portraits. The series of black and white images illustrates the photographer’s experience with depression and anxiety. In an attempt to raise awareness of the topic, Honaker says about the project: “Mental health disorders are such a taboo topic. ...

Collaged History – Guy Catling

Collaged History- Guy Catling on flickr Guy Catling is a graphic designer from Essex United Kingdom. Focusing mostly on collage work, he takes old photos and makes them new again. Drawing inspiration from his surroundings and using old war photos, Guy creates bright contrasting works. h/t:emptykingdom

Surreal Photography of Humans and Landscapes by Antonio Mora

Surreal Portraits by Antonio Mora Double exposure portraits by Spanish artist Antonio Mora blending dreamy landscapes and architecture with images of beautiful faces Mora found online. His seamless way of mixing various concepts together evokes a sense of mystery adding that the portraits “open a crack in our collective memory allowing us to watch, though ...

Delicious Morbid Portraits by Igor Skaletsky

Delicious Morbid Portraits by Igor Skaletsky on Behance Igor Skaletsky does have what it takes to be a collage master. Born in 1978 in Russia, this freelance illustrator has travelled in the hot spots of contemporary art, including Israel and Germany, to find his own visual identity. The result of this initiatory trip is a ...

Surreal and Dreamy Landscapes by Charlie Davoli

Surreal and Dreamy Landscapes by Charlie Davoli Instagram Charlie Davoli takes us in the surreal world he creates by turning photographs into fascinating landscapes. His multiple influences create a singular retro rendering to his settings, between paintings, photography and collages. h/t: designboom

Mysterious Landscapes by Mika Suutari

Mysterious Landscapes by Mika Suutari Finland-based photographer Mika Suutari captures amazing images with a dark, mysterious atmosphere. “The artist depicts a majestic nature, sometimes quiet, sometimes severe, where far away silhouettes of men illustrate the greatness of these supernatural landscapes.” via Fubiz  

Bodies & Skulls by James Bareham

  Bodies & Skulls by James Bareham The artist that I show you today is James Bareham, photographer of the New York based creative studio The New Cruelty, as well as the developer of this awesome series of still-life images taken in the exhibition spaces of the famous show “Bodies The Exhibition“.    Photographs taken ...

Iréel by Flora Borsi

Iréel by Flora Borsi on Behance "Flora Borsi is a popular artist from Budapest, Hungary. She has specialized digital photography. Her works it to visualize the physically impossible in a form of photo manipulation. She is an expert in this art. She is noted for the digital manipulation. She is very well known for her ...

Censored & Tendentious Collages By Naro Pinosa

Censored & Tendentious Collages By Naro Pinosa Based in Spain, digital artist Naro Pinosa creates imaginative collages, which he mainly shares on his Instagram. Whether it be Greek sculptures or classical paintings, he takes this imagery and layers them on the photographs in an absurd manner. By combining the old and the new with a ...

Symbolic, Surreal Photography by Sean Mundy

Symbolic, Surreal Photography  by Sean Mundy Flickr 22-year-old photographer Sean Mundy finds meaning and inspiration in his subjectivity, creating impassioned images which contain a wide variety of emotion. Simplistic and allegorical, Mundy offers personal glimpses into moments of self-doubt, confusion and pain. His artwork is left open to interpretation and offers more questions than answers due ...

Creepy Photo Manipulations by Daunhaus

Creepy Photo Manipulations by Daunhaus Karina Marandjian is from Moscow, Russia. Like many of the great artists we feature, she is one of the first awe-inspiring Photomanipulater/Digital Artists also known as Daunhaus. Her bold range of blood, piercings, nails, moths is indeed fleshtastic.

Amusing and Witty Illustrations by Shusaku Takaoka

Amusing and Witty Illustrations by Shusaku Takaoka Instagram Shusaku Takaoka is a Japanese graphic designer author of these witty and surprising illustrations. The artist is inspired by our modern society to juxtapose visuals who form a funny set and sometimes denouncing aspects of an ultra-consumer and over-connected world.

Enigmatic and Artistic Self-Portraits by Noell Oszvald

Enigmatic and Artistic Self-Portraits by Noell Oszvald Flickr Noell Oszvald is a talented 25 years old self taught photographer and visual artist based in Budapest, Hungary. She does not consider herself a photographer, Noell shoots amazing aesthetically simple and black and white self-portraits.

This Cambodian Artist Is Taking Doodling To Another Level

  This Cambodian Artist Is Taking Doodling To Another Level More info: Instagram Cambodian artist Visoth Kakvei masterfully brings together symbolism and style, and no sketchbook has enough pages for his creativity. The 27-year-old graphic designer usually draws his works freehand and the pieces take 3-6 hours to finish, but sometimes Kakvei feels it's not ...

Surreal Digital Art by Leslie Ann O’Dell

Beautiful Surreal Dark Art by Leslie Ann O'Dell DeviantArt / on Behance Surreal Illustrations/photographs by Leslie Ann O'Dell. Leslie is an intuitive visual artist photographer Leslie. She starts her creation mostly with her camera. Her work is emotional, tense, and a bit enigmatic. Enregistrer

Surreal Distorted Reality by Photographer Erik Johansson

Surreal Distorted Reality by Photographer Erik Johansson on Behance As a professional still-life photographer and digital artist from Sweden, Erik Johansson has worked with brands such as Adobe, Google, Microsoft, Volvo, and National Geographic — but the artist is also praised for his mind-bending surreal digital manipulations. He is well known for optical illusions, which ...

Dark Ethereal Portraits by Nadia Maria

Dark Ethereal Portraits by Nadia Maria Nadia Maria is a photographer based in Bauru, Sao Paulo, who creates dark, figurative images that capture stories of emotional pain, awakening, and transformation. Featured here is a series of her images depicting nude men and women enmeshed in constellation-like patterns, looking skyward, or curled up and charted out ...

These Funny, Adorable Photos Capture Tiny Moments of Agency Life by Derrick Lin

These Funny, Adorable Photos Capture Tiny Moments of Agency Life by Derrick Lin Derrick Lin works in advertising, a career he admits can be chaotic and unpredictable. Channeling the challenges of daily work life, he creates miniature scenes of people venting their (and often his) frustrations, then posts them to Instagram and Tumblr. Perhaps you ...