Silly Illustrations Of Animals And Their Little Adventures By Shanghai Tango

Silly Illustrations Of Animals And Their Little Adventures By Shanghai Tango Artist on Tumblr Gao Youjun, aka Tango, is a popular Shanghai cartoonist on the Chinese social network Weibo. The artist draws brilliantly witty cartoons that are made all the more clever because of their incredible simplicity. By looking at the world in a different... Lire la suite →

The Surreal and Pop World of Eugenia Loli

All images © Eugenia Loli  Surreal Pop World of Eugenia Loli You can follow more of Loli’s work on Instagram or Facebook, and she sells prints and other things in her shop. Collage artist Eugenia Loli uses photography scanned from vintage magazines and science publications to create bizarre visual narratives that borrow from aspects of... Lire la suite →

Humorous Street Signs Placed Around Sydney by Michael Pederson

 Humorous Street Signs Placed Around Sydney by Michael Pederson Visitors and residents might get a little more than they bargained for if they go out and explore Sydney's parks and suburban areas thanks to artist Michael Pederson who enjoys nothing more than placing humorous and thought provoking signs that blend into their surroundings. We're so used to... Lire la suite →

Rodney Smith: Analog Fine Art Photography

Rodney Smith : Analog Fine Art Photography Recalling Magritte works, photographs Rodney Smith bewitch us in his surreal universe. As if he was staring at the time, the artist manages to subjugate us with strange and poetic shots. Rodney Smith, a prominent photographer whose whimsical work invited comparisons to that of the Belgian surrealist René Magritte’s,... Lire la suite →

Famous Paintings Overlain with Hip Hop Lyrics by Gisella Velasco and Toni Potenciano

Famous Paintings Overlain with Hip Hop Lyrics by Gisella Velasco and Toni Potenciano Fly Art, it its own words, is "the best marriage on the Internet: Art and hip hop according to Gisella Velasco and Toni Potenciano," two women from the Philippines who are making me realize all over again why there was a time... Lire la suite →

Terry Border’s Bent Objects Takes a Fun, Quirky Look at Your Favorite …

  Trojan Crédits photo : Terry Border La revanche de la soupe Crédits photo : Terry Border Le voyageur Crédits photo : Terry Border Immolation public Crédits photo : Terry Border Hamlet was nuts Crédits photo : Terry Border Keep fresh! Crédits photo : Terry Border Muffins are best! Crédits photo : Terry Border Le... Lire la suite →

The funny and satirical illustrations by John Holcroft

Illustrations by John Holcroft John Holcroft‘s illustrations will impress you not only because of the perfection of his technique, his great skills and amazing detailed work. He will inspire you with the sardonic and intelligent way his conveys his messages on many social issues.

See artist’s amazing cardboard cutouts that come to life at sunset

See artist's amazing cardboard cutouts that come to life at sunset When nine-time Emmy award-winning TV producer and writer John Marshall found himself living alone for a month on Frye Island, Maine, he got to thinking about how best to spend his time. Inspired by the beautiful sunsets he witnessed from his back door, he... Lire la suite →

One Loop: Absurd Animated Portraits by Romain Laurent

One Loop: Absurd Animated Portraits by Romain Laurent on Tumblr These ironic, hilarious, and surreal animated portraits are part of commercial photographer Romain Laurent‘s photography challenge. Laurent’s desire to break the routine (of working on commercial photography) ended up on a quest to create silly-looking looped animated portrait each week since last September. He says... Lire la suite →

Stephen McMennamy’s Mashups Result in Humorous Juxtapositions

Stephen McMennamy’s Mashups Result in Humorous Juxtapositions On Instagram | Tumblr   Photographer Stephen McMennamy merges his original photography in humorous ways to create what he calls #ComboPhotos: two photos paired to create unexpected situations, usually involving huge constrasts in scale. Tractors and heavy machinery are turned into giant mechanisms for food delivery, while an ice... Lire la suite →

The Secret Life of Heroes. Pop Art Illustrations by Grégoire Guillemin

The Secret Life of Heroes. Pop Art Illustrations  on Behance Characters from pop culture also have dark secrets and private life that it’s finally possible to discover through a series of paintings made by Grégoire Guillemin. Inspired by Lichtenstein Pop Art style, he reveals the behind the scenes through a very graphic and colorful series.

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