Reverse Squares in Nature by Victoria Siemer

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Reverse Squares in Nature by Victoria Siemer

artists on Tumblr, Behance

Victoria Siemer, known as Witchoria, is a graphic designer based in Brooklyn, who has made a new series of pictures in which she integrates square figures reversing the landscape and the nature.

Victoria Siemer, or rather Witchoria, explains on her blog that her pictures are free to interpret, but that most of them illustrate what she calls « visual and emotional fragmentation », a concept she has been led to dig during his end of studies thesis.

The principle is simple but it was necessary to think about it: Victoria cuts simply parts of its photographs to pick them up in other places, in different senses. The result is rather pleasing to the eye!

Source: fubiz and demilked

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Generative Illustrations By Janusz Jurek


Generative illustrations by Janusz Jurek

on Behance

Polish designer Janusz Jurek has specialized in digital art and illustration over the years. His more recent work involves a lot of generative illustration. Unfortunately, he didn’t document his working technique, so we can only take a wild guess and imagine that he works with some programming tools.

3D Sketch is a personal project by our featured artist, Janusz Jurek. In this art set, our artist used generative art technique. According to Wikipedia, Generative art refers to art as a whole, or a part, that has been created with the use of an autonomous system. An autonomous system in this context is generally one that is non-human and can independently determine features of an artwork that would otherwise require decisions made directly by the artist. For Janusz, it is about motion, and human body is about motion even when it is motionless, it has a complicated nervous system and blood vessels, which works all the time, like wires. The way it works is the greatest wonders of nature. Read on and check out this art set!

In his body series, he makes lines converge and mix to create body shapes like arms or legs. The lines structure looks organic, like a series of nerves in an anatomic drawing. I also love the electrical look-and-feel on these rendering in white on a black background.

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The Bold Minimalist Style of French Artist Malika Favre





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The bold minimalist style of french artist Malika Favre

on twitter and instagram.
Malika Favre is a French Illustrator based in London with a penchant for the “Less Is More” maxim.  Looking at her body of work this becomes visibly apparent as illustration after illustration displays vivid colors & patterns across swathes of negative space.  The combination makes for eye catching designs that one won’t forget anytime soon.  Take a look at a few of her recent illustrations for a glimpse into how Malika Favre perceives the world.

Her bold, minimal style – often described as Pop Art meets OpArt – is a striking lesson in the use of positive/negative space and colour.

Her unmistakable style has established her as one of the UK’s most sought after graphic artists. Malika’s clients include The New Yorker, Vogue, BAFTA, Sephora and Penguin Books, amongst many others.

Watch the video:
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Striking & Colorful Erotic Illustrations by Hélène Boutanos


Striking & Colorful Erotic Illustrations by Hélène Boutanos

Hélène Boutanos is the French illustrator who hides behind the project Parties Nobles. It’s a series of erotic illustrations playing, with subtlety, with the gastronomic vocabulary, staying politically correct. Prints are available here.
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_NSFW_ Impressive Erotic Illustrations Of Apollonia Saintclair




 Impressive Erotic illustrations Of  Apollonia Saintclair
 on Tumblr – Behance –Society6
 Ink is my blood. I draw for my own sake and for your pleasure. As a long-time resident of the Old World, I split my time between the kitchen and my studio.’ Apollonia Saintclair. She creating neo-noir surrealist sexscapes. Apollonia Saintclair, the artist who’s collected thousands of obsessed fans on Tumblr with her weird and wonderful black and white erotica.
If a female clone of Edward Gorey had been raised in the ‘90s on a strict diet of David Lynch, Junji Ito, and J.G. Ballard and grew up to specialize in satirical fetish erotica, the result would still pale in comparison to the art of Apollonia Saintclair, the artist behind these idiosyncratic old-school erotic drawings in black-and-white ink. But describing them simply as “black and white erotic drawings” fails to capture their neo-noir surrealism, wicked humour, and savagely spot-on details. Her illustrated anti-heroines masturbate with monsters, smartphones, and guns and go foraging for cock-shaped mushrooms. They have impeccable taste in lingerie and katanas and know fuccbois are single-use only.
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The Secret Life of Heroes. Pop Art Illustrations by Grégoire Guillemin

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The Secret Life of Heroes. Pop Art Illustrations

 on Behance

Characters from pop culture also have dark secrets and private life that it’s finally possible to discover through a series of paintings made by Grégoire Guillemin. Inspired by Lichtenstein Pop Art style, he reveals the behind the scenes through a very graphic and colorful series.

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Dorota Pankowska Creates 13 Different Animals Out of a Combination of 13 Perfect Circles


Dorota Pankowska Creates 13 Different Animals Out of a Combination of 13 Perfect Circles

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Everyone’s favorite blue bird—the Twitter logo—has a well-kept secret hidden in its design: the iconic character was created using 13 perfect circles that overlap and comprise its graceful curved wings and upward gaze. Inspired by this little-known fact, Toronto-based art director Dorota Pankowska gave herself a similar challenge: produce 13 different animals each constructed out of 13 circles.


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Sumptuous Orbital Mechanics Complexity Graphics By Tatiana Plakhova

Sumptuous Orbital Mechanics Complexity Graphics By Tatiana Plakhova 

Russian artist Tatiana Plakhova  / Complexity Graphics  made a series entitled “Orbital Mechanics” in which she shows in a very graphic way, circular forms which look like the solar system and mappemondes.


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