Discover The Photographs Of Artists Rats By Ellen van Deellen

3Ellen Van Deelen Photographs 10
3Ellen Van Deelen Photographs 4
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3Ellen Van Deelen Photographs 173Ellen Van Deelen Photographs 5
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3Ellen Van Deelen Photographs 13
12.jpg - Copie

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3Ellen Van Deelen Photographs 15
9.jpg - Copie
cute-rat-bear-Ellen-van-Deelen-blue - Copieflat,1000x1000,075,f.u2a.jpg
blog_yummypets_rat_caddie_02_143Ellen Van Deelen Photographs 25
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Discover The Photographs Of Rats Artists By Ellen van Deellen

On Redbubble

Dutch photographer and artist Ellen van Deelen has created series of photos: with musicians rats, and scenes of lives of our daily life.
As the main characters were his pets Moppy, Witje and Rosie.
One day, Ellen saw a mini guitar playing in the shop window, and immediately she presented the picture of her two students as musicians. Not without reason the rats in their mental development are considered to be one of the closest to humans:
Moppy, Witje and Rosie, under the direction of the hostess, quickly learned to take tools and pose in front of the camera. It should be noted that Ellen herself loves music, likes to play violin and guitar. In the photos, the rats appear in images so beautiful and very touching.
« They are very smart and respond to their names – said Ellen – they are very beautiful models, who are always aware of what I want from them during the shoot. »These images of photographer Ellen van Deelen of rats playing instruments put music in our ears. We imagine them in a group of miniature rodents, maybe jazz or funk – and in a hilariously weird way. 

.She claimed her pets are very clever who picked up the knack in no time.

« They know exactly how to pose and both are really talented actors. We have a really good understanding. They always know what I am saying. »

Watch a video about the rat’s abilities!




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Theron Humphrey’s Maddie On Things

maddie-on-things-yatzer-10MaddieThings307-maddie-on-thingsMaddieThings7MaddieThings8Theron-Humphrey2Theron-Humphrey4maddie_riding_sidecarf63ed9fea4de1757bbf1e294b8944b4bDSC087360_14dd34_8d2ec19b_orig0_14dd38_13936135_orig20-maddie-on-things0_14dd39_fd0d5a0e_origindex7UIUIMG_3861maddie-on-things-yatzer-14F:PHOTOMediaFactory ActionsRequests DropBox48089#theron humphreyMaddieLoungingOnThings_p138.jpg3e6b82dc

Theron Humphrey’s Maddie On Things

If you loved Maddie as much as we did, you can follow her on Instagram

There comes a time in life when you start questioning things; what you have achieved so far, whether you are happy with your life or whether you are in fact the person you actually want to be. Dissatisfied with his everyday life working in a big corporate photo studio, American photographer Theron Humphrey decided to leave it all behind and go on a yearlong cross-county road trip across all 50 states in the hope of photographing a project he was passionate about. And what he describes as ‘This Wild Idea’, a photojournalist project of  »meeting folks, loving folks, living the dream », documents those little everyday moments that make up a life. However, what he didn’t realize was how Maddie, a friendly coonhound he adopted from an animal shelter just before his trip, would end up changing his life.

Source: Maddie On Things



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Silly Illustrations Of Animals And Their Little Adventures By Shanghai Tango

funny-comics-shanghai-tango-131-57b1be66b7df3__605 - Copie.jpg
b--comic-illustrations-shanghaicartoon_tango1 - Copie
c500bddcbfc6f492659d5b08557a52e1 -0f9fe1112fa68b27ee0036d4369a4b30

Silly Illustrations Of Animals And Their Little Adventures By Shanghai Tango

Artist on Tumblr

Gao Youjun, aka Tango, is a popular Shanghai cartoonist on the Chinese social network Weibo. The artist draws brilliantly witty cartoons that are made all the more clever because of their incredible simplicity. By looking at the world in a different way, Tango’s work also encourages us, the audience, to look at things with a fresh perspective.

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Humorous Street Signs Placed Around Sydney by Michael Pederson


 Humorous Street Signs Placed Around Sydney by Michael Pederson

Visitors and residents might get a little more than they bargained for if they go out and explore Sydney’s parks and suburban areas thanks to artist Michael Pederson who enjoys nothing more than placing humorous and thought provoking signs that blend into their surroundings. We’re so used to seeing signs on a daily basis as we pass urban areas, instructing us, warning us and informing, so unless you look closely it’s more than likely you’d miss the funny messages written on Pederson’s sings. You can see more of his work on Tumblr.

h/t thisiscolossal

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Animals Sniffing Flowers Is The Cutest Thing Ever

Animals Sniffing Flowers Is The Cutest Thing Ever

Flowers have the most alluring smell, and not only to the impressionable bees. We have made a list of photos that show animals enjoying a whiff or two from a petal or bloom. Kittens, nature’s cuddliest critters, look even better when they’re enjoying the sweet scents of flowers. Same goes for bunnies!

Flowers use scent to attract various small critters to carry around their pollen and help them reproduce. Some plants will take any comers, while other have developed an almost symbiotic relationship which certain species. As far as I know, no flower depends exclusively on kittens…yet

h/t :BoredPanda


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French Illustrator Creates Whimsical Characters Out Of Everyday Objects


French Illustrator Creates Whimsical Characters Out Of Everyday Objects

Website | Facebook

Creative people can often see faces, forms and characters in random everyday objects, and it’s especially fun when artists bring these characters to life in their own ways. French illustrator and sculptor Gilbert Legrand doesn’t only see these characters, but helps others see them as well. He takes everyday objects like scissors, brushes, zippers, or cutlery and turns them into whimsical character sculptures.

The Paris-born artist works in Toulouse as a freelance illustrator and has been creating these imaginative sculptures on the side for over 10 years. Fortunately for us, Legrand regularly exhibits his works in art centres across France, so don’t miss it when you go there!

h/t: visual news

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Funniest and Most Hilarious Comedy Wildlife Awards Photos Of 2017 (2)

è »WTF?! »

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-winners-2017-9-5a33d73c56747__880George Cathcart

“Only room for two”

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-winners-2017-1-5a33d725d0d14__880Tibor Kercz

 “Eh What’s Up Doc?”

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-winners-2017-13-5a33d7446af6c__880 Olivier Colle

« Saturday Night Fever »

162298.jpgChris Martin

« Hello? Are You Awake? »

1000639Kristine Mayes

« Trouble In Parad’ice »

comedy-wildlife-2017-entries-7Peter Odeh

« Guys, mom has a headache »

nintchdbpict000369471444 Melissa Nolan

« he got stuck or what? »

00000187_p.jpgBarb D’Arpino

« I’m Ok »


Yamamoto Tsuneo

« Which way? »

comedy-wildlife-2017-finalists-3Aster Leung

« Don’t lose your head »

Monique-Jöris_Headless-penguins_00000924_preview Monique Joris

« You can’t see me »

comedy-wildlife-2017-finalists-15 Nadav Bagim

Break dancing?

comedy-wildlife-2017-finalists-21 Johnny Kaapa

« Three Tanors »

comedy-wildlife-2017-entries-5.jpg Roie Galitz

« Pirate In Disguise »

funny-animals-wildlife-comedy-awards-3017_10 Andres Vejar

« OoohMatron »

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-2017-2-59646f916acc2__880Gill Merritt

« Let Me Clear My Vision »

comedy-wildlife-2017-finalists-13Arkaprava Ghost

« Outsourcing Seatbelt Checks »

comedy-wildlife-2017-entries-3 Graeme Guy

« Kung Fu Training »

comedy-wildlife-2017-entries-4.jpg Andrey Giljov

« Look away »

comedy-wildlife-2017-finalists-31 Melissa Usrey

4610F0A600000578-0-image-a-79_1509962655149 Miguel Illana

« Foxing around »

comedy-wildlife-2017-finalists-29 John Sheridan

« What is so funny? »

comedy-wildlife-2017-finalists-28 Brian Valente

« I believe I can fly »

comedy-wildlife-2017-finalists-26Esa Ringbom

« Peek-a-boo »

comedy-wildlife-2017-finalists-19 Tanakit Suwanyangyaun

A terrifyingly big grin in ‘Smile.’

comedy-wildlife-2017-finalists-10Eugene Kitsios

« The finger! »

comedy-wildlife-2017-finalists-7Linda Oliver

« Giraf-spirations »

comedy-wildlife-2017-finalists-17Paulette Struckman

« You crack me up’

00000205_p Tina Stehr

« Hold your applause »

00000203_pBudkov Denis

« Huh? »

00000183_pJosef Friedhuber

« Tightrope »

00000189_pJasmine Vink

« Backhand »

00000186_p Hannele Kaihola

« The Operating System Cannot Run »

comedy-wildlife-2017-entries-9Victoria Stanley

“Stop and smell the flowers”


“Hitching A Ride”

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-winners-2017-8-5a33d73a2e6af__880 Daisy Gilardini

“All Dressed And Ready For Church”

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-winners-2017-5-5a33d72f0decc__880Carl Henry

« Pikachu! »

1000641.jpg Nadav Bagim

« Must Have Three-putted »

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-winners-2017-7-5a33d73802479__880Douglas Croft

« Get out the way »

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-winners-2017-4-5a33d72c74f06__880Troy Mayne


comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-winners-2017-11-5a33d74043afd__880Penny Palmer 

“Date night”

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-winners-2017-6-5a33d73605162__880 Bence Mate


comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-winners-2017-12-5a33d7424c88d__880Katy Laveck-Foster

“Animal Encounters”

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-winners-2017-14-5a33d74665915__880Jean Jacques Alcalay

« Stopped By A Toll Collector »

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-2017-3.jpg Katarina Denesova

“Duck Speed”

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-winners-2017-3-5a33d729e7347__880John Threlfall

“Mudskippers Got Talent”

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-winners-2017-10-5a33d73e317f9__880Daniel Trim

Funniest and Most Hilarious Comedy Wildlife Awards Photos Of 2017 (2)


More info: | facebook | twitter | instagram

The awards are meant to highlight whimsical, “possibly unpretentious” photography of wild animals doing funny things, according to their website. Some of the silliest images from past contests have gone viral, and this year’s certainly have the potential to do the same. Ultimately, the founders’ main goal is conservation.

“Well… you are now obviously going to go to your office, home, pub, club, or wherever and talk about the dire need for us all to be conservationists in our own little way,” the competition’s founders write on their website. The contest is affiliated with the Born Free Foundation wildlife conservation charity. But Kércz likes how it gives humans the chance to see animals in a more relatable light.

“It is a great initiative and [gives us the] chance to show people how funny and lovable these cute creatures are, like we are,” he said.

The contest received over 3,500 submissions, which were required to have been taken by the photographer, not of a pet or domesticated animal, and without being digitally manipulated.

H/T:  comedywildlifephoto

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Terry Border’s Bent Objects Takes a Fun, Quirky Look at Your Favorite …


  • Trojan
    bent_objects_10Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • La revanche de la soupe
    bent_objects_30Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • Le voyageur
    bent_objects_04Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • Immolation public
    bent_objects_34Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • Hamlet was nuts
    bent_objects_03Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • Keep fresh!
    bent_objects_06Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • Muffins are best!
    bent_objects_05Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • Le sage
    bent_objects_48Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • Some people have called this blog intelligent
    bent_objects_45Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • Bananas At Bedtime
    bent_objects_37Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • Bon voyage
    bent_objects_47Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • Many passionate fans
    bent_objects_09Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • Untitled
    bent_objects_44Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • English Breakfast
    bent_objects_32Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • Fortune
    bent_objects_33Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • Trumped
    bent_objects_36Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • The Introvert
    bent_objects_01Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • Musical fruit
    bent_objects_08Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • I was lucky to find you
    bent_objects_07Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • Sylvia Muffin put her head in the oven
    bent_objects_22Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • Black Gold, Texas Tea
    bent_objects_12Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • The key to happiness
    bent_objects_13Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • L’art abstrait des tasses
    art abstrait des tasses_resultatCrédits photo : Terry Border
  • Cacahuètocide
    cacahuetocide_resultatCrédits photo : Terry Border
  • Bad boy
    cactus_resultatCrédits photo : Terry Border
  • Le bain de la mort
    cereales_resultatCrédits photo : Terry Border
  • Danger au sous-sol
    epluche carrotte_resultatCrédits photo : Terry Border
  • Chapeau de gland fait maison
    glands_resultatCrédits photo : Terry Border
  • Treesome
    lesbians_resultatCrédits photo : Terry Border
  • La momie
    momi_resultatCrédits photo : Terry Border
  • L’explication
    oreos_resultatCrédits photo : Terry Border
  • « Peanut bludder »
    Peanut Bludder!_resultatCrédits photo : Terry Border
  • Suicide sur toile
    peinture suicide_resultatCrédits photo : Terry Border
  • L’éducation de la petite tour de pise
    pise éducation_resultatCrédits photo : Terry Border
  • Hara-kiri
    Seppuku Sauce_resultatCrédits photo : Terry Border
  • La fleur Van gogh
    van gogh_resultatCrédits photo : Terry Border
  • Zombies toasts
    zombies pain_resultatCrédits photo : Terry Border
  • Portons un toast
    bent_objects_02Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • Cramé
    bent_objects_11Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • Halloween
    bent_objects_23Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • Cheesy sex
    bent_objects_24Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • Burn after eating
    bent_objects_25Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • Exhibition
    bent_objects_26Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • Surfing USA
    bent_objects_27Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • Une expo GE-NIALE
    bent_objects_28Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • Makinexplanation
    bent_objects_29Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • Un long voyage
    bent_objects_31Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • I want to break freee
    bent_objects_35Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • L’attaque des frites géantes
    bent_objects_38Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • Les Experts
    bent_objects_39Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • Les opposés s’attirent
    bent_objects_40Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • Cendrillon
    bent_objects_41Crédits photo : Terry Border
La série « livres »
  • exhib_resultatCrédits photo : Terry Border
  • bent_objects_14Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • bent_objects_15Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • bent_objects_16Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • bent_objects_17Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • bent_objects_18Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • bent_objects_19Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • bent_objects_20Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • bent_objects_21Crédits photo : Terry Border
  • dracula_resultatCrédits photo : Terry Border
  • Tolkien_resultatCrédits photo : Terry Border

    Terry Border’s Bent Objects Takes a Fun, Quirky Look at Your Favorite

    Terry Border’s irreverent sense of humor is immediately clear upon viewing his series Bent Objects. The ongoing project features Terry’s takes on everyday situations and items, with the help of some bent paper clips and other metal scraps.
   more visit his blog, follow the project on Facebook, or take a look at his books and          calenders on Amazon.
Source: Terry Border via Graphic Design Blo


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Woman Hilariously Recreates Celebrity Instagram Photos

Images © Celeste Barbersource

Woman Hilariously Recreates Celebrity Instagram Photos | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Twitter
Celeste Barber is an Australian comedian who has something to say about celebrity pics. In a series of photos mimicking famous celeb shots, Barber perfectly/hilariously imitates Kim Kardashian’s come-hither stare and Miranda Kerr’s wide-eyed innocence.
Speaking to the Daily Mail, she said,  » People take it all too seriously, they have such an obsession with celebrities, the rich, the privileged and all these life-style blogger but yet the celebrities think they are doing normal things. Kim Kardashian posing in a pile of dirt; who does that in real life? »
« I wanted to show how ridiculous it would be for a ‘normal’ person to recreate some of these photos. »

funny photography