A glitchy touch added to the historic photographs by Giacomo Carmagnola

A glitchy touch added to the historic photographs by Giacomo Carmagnola on Behance / tumblr. Artist Giacomo Carmagnola uses digital tools to add a unique, glitchy twist to photos of the past. Faces and objects are obscured with long, colorful strands that seem to melt, as if it’s some sort of ooze that’s absorbing the rest... Lire la suite →

The Surreal and Pop World of Eugenia Loli

All images © Eugenia Loli  Surreal Pop World of Eugenia Loli You can follow more of Loli’s work on Instagram or Facebook, and she sells prints and other things in her shop. Collage artist Eugenia Loli uses photography scanned from vintage magazines and science publications to create bizarre visual narratives that borrow from aspects of... Lire la suite →

Magnificent Oil on Head: Photos by Alberto Seveso

III Oil on Head Macro WH Details Magnificent Oil on Head: Photos by Alberto Seveso New series by Bristol-based illustrator and digital photographer Alberto Seveso made by taking high-speed photographs of ink mixing with water and then using Photoshop to manipulate the images to resemble double exposures. Some of the profile images have the ink... Lire la suite →

Reverse Squares in Nature by Victoria Siemer

Reverse Squares in Nature by Victoria Siemer artists on Tumblr, Behance Victoria Siemer, known as Witchoria, is a graphic designer based in Brooklyn, who has made a new series of pictures in which she integrates square figures reversing the landscape and the nature. Victoria Siemer, or rather Witchoria, explains on her blog that her pictures... Lire la suite →

Generative illustrations by Janusz Jurek on Behance Polish designer Janusz Jurek has specialized in digital art and illustration over the years. His more recent work involves a lot of generative illustration. Unfortunately, he didn’t document his working technique, so we can only take a wild guess and imagine that he works with some programming tools.... Lire la suite →

Surreal Cosmic Collages by Ellery Mann

Surreal Cosmic Collages by Ellery Mann Instagram Boundless imagination teems unnatural ideas possible and proves an escapism into the dynamic world of surrealism. Probing through the six senses these collage series by Ellery Mann delves into the aspect of Cosmic Realism. Travelling to galaxies beyond and stars unknown is an opulent dream for mankind which... Lire la suite →

Evocative Image of Rose Embers

  Evocative Image Of Rose Embers on behance.net This gorgeous image of the dying embers of a bouquet of roses, titled “The Ash,” was meticulously crafted by the creative team at Ars Thanea. See how they did it. “We all dream sometimes, about something we want to have or do. Luckily, if we have enough... Lire la suite →

Futuristic Digital Collages by Alexander Berdin-Lazursky

Foam Religion  Colors Loves Neon Lamb Of Future Armored Heart  Obelisk of ignorabimus Three of Swords King Lear Futuristic Digital Collages by Alexander Berdin-Lazursky  On Behance The studio Alexander Berdin-Lazursky is a russian photographer and graphic designer from Samara. Member of Castle Digital Partners, Details make the difference and Photo Religion. He works on series... Lire la suite →

Kayan Kwok Explores The Souls of Immortals in Time Poster Series

Kayan Kwok Explores The Souls of Immortals in Time Poster Series Hong Kong-based designer Kayan Kwok took the time to study these immortal souls. For years, Kwok has been known for his digital and illustrative collages. He applied this style in his project titled Time, where he literally broke apart historical sculptures and collaged them... Lire la suite →

Splendid Floral Photo-Fusion By Ysabel LeMay

Splendid Floral Photo-Fusion By Ysabel LeMay   Canadian artist Ysabel LeMay was born in Quebec. Now the photo artist lives and works in Naples, Florida. Ysabel explores the beauty, complexity, and the divinity of nature. At first glance it would seem that you are looking at the hyper-realistic paintings. But these are the photographs, made... Lire la suite →

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