Face-Devouring Photography By Lucas Simões (nudity content)

  Face-Devouring Photography By Lucas Simões I’m not sure what it is about our nature that makes us constantly want to mutilate faces — and maybe that is just the simplest explanation for all of our recent zombie activity — but sometimes there’s just nothing more carnally fulfilling than running paper faces under an acid... Lire la suite →

A glitchy touch added to the historic photographs by Giacomo Carmagnola

A glitchy touch added to the historic photographs by Giacomo Carmagnola on Behance / tumblr. Artist Giacomo Carmagnola uses digital tools to add a unique, glitchy twist to photos of the past. Faces and objects are obscured with long, colorful strands that seem to melt, as if it’s some sort of ooze that’s absorbing the rest... Lire la suite →

Creative “Skull-ptures” by Hedi Xandt

Creative “Skull-ptures” by Hedi Xandt Hedi Xandt’s work is everything of modern sculpture madness. The Hamburg based artist of Norwegian descent creates magnificent sculptures inspired from fine arts, mythology and sculptures in the ancient periods which he then casts with a dark, elegant twist resulting in minimal yet striking creations which you can’t keep your... Lire la suite →

Brilliantly Creepy Gifs From Old Photographs by Kevin Weir

Brilliantly Creepy Gifs From Old Photographs by Kevin Weir follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr. Art director and designer Kevin Weir uses historical black and white photographs forgotten to time as the basis for his quirky—and slightly disturbing—animated GIFs. His path to online GIF superstardom began when he was in high school. He tells us that... Lire la suite →

Zdzisław Beksiński Learns How To « Photograph Dreams » to Create Nightmarish Illustrations

Zdzisław Beksiński  Learns How To "Photograph Dreams" to Create Nightmarish Illustrations Whilst some artist's make a name for themselves through depicting reality, Polish artist Zdzisław Beksiński's artworks take on a far darker, abstract form thanks to his ability to capture moments that would only ever be possible within a dream world. Filled with surreal creatures set... Lire la suite →

Roberto Ferri’s Baroque and Subversive Painting

Roberto Ferri’s Baroque and Subversive Painting Roberto Ferri is an Italian fine art painter whose work is fortement inspired by Baroque painters (i.e. Caravaggio). With his technic and skill, you get sense of the grand romantic biblical themes, however he blends twisted absurdities and the imagery of torture in his epic pieces. Roberto Ferri is... Lire la suite →

New York Womenswear S/S 2015 Gareth Pugh

New York Womenswear S/S 2015 Gareth Pugh Today is the day Gareth Pugh would normally be showing in Paris. Instead, he staged that enormous "immersive presentation" in New York, so Paris had to make do with some one-on-ones in the showroom. Actually, it worked out really well, because today was the autumn equinox, and Pugh's... Lire la suite →

Depression And Anxiety By Edward Honaker

Depression And Anxiety By Edward Honaker Twenty one-year-old photographer Edward Honaker documents his own depression in powerful self-portraits. The series of black and white images illustrates the photographer’s experience with depression and anxiety. In an attempt to raise awareness of the topic, Honaker says about the project: “Mental health disorders are such a taboo topic.... Lire la suite →

Dark photo manipulations by Anja Millen

  'Dark photo manipulations by Anja Millen  On DeviantArt  German artist Anja Millen has been creating art since 1984, shifting from analog work to a more modern mix of different styles you can see in her latest works. Although her techniques differ from when she started, the dark and dramatic feel in her work is... Lire la suite →

Delicious Morbid Portraits by Igor Skaletsky

Delicious Morbid Portraits by Igor Skaletsky on Behance Igor Skaletsky does have what it takes to be a collage master. Born in 1978 in Russia, this freelance illustrator has travelled in the hot spots of contemporary art, including Israel and Germany, to find his own visual identity. The result of this initiatory trip is a... Lire la suite →

Photography And Paint Portraits by Januz Miralles

Photography And Paint Portraits by Januz Miralles on Tumblr   / Behance Januz Miralles (Nuestra) is an illustrator based in Laguna, Philippines. His eerie, ethereal images combine traditional painting techniques with digital photo manipulation, creating a surreal landscape where human figures are woven into a shifting fog of textures and brush strokes. Although little is known of the artist... Lire la suite →

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