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Kayan Kwok Explores The Souls of Immortals in Time Poster Series

Kayan Kwok Explores The Souls of Immortals in Time Poster Series Hong Kong-based designer Kayan Kwok took the time to study these immortal souls. For years, Kwok has been known for his digital and illustrative collages. He applied this style in his project titled Time, where he literally broke apart

Human Skeletons Assembled with Found Coral by Gregory Halili

Human Skeletons Assembled with Found Coral by Gregory Halili With parched white pieces of found sea coral, artist Gregory Halili has been creating skeletal parts of the human anatomy from hands and arms all the way up to a lifesize recreation of a human skeleton suspended atop a giant piece of

Bodies & Skulls by James Bareham

  Bodies & Skulls by James Bareham The artist that I show you today is James Bareham, photographer of the New York based creative studio The New Cruelty, as well as the developer of this awesome series of still-life images taken in the exhibition spaces of the famous show “Bodies

Anatomical Illustrations by Michael Reedy (Nudity Content)

Anatomical Illustrations by Michael Reedy Michael Reedy has created a beautifully grotesque series of anatomical figure drawings. His ability to use and omit color when needed shows his refined intuition for composure. Michael is technically schooled in anatomy and has been able to artistically render images we would normally see

Crafts Porcelain Sculptures Inspired By Nature Of Kate McDowell

  Weird Crafts Porcelain Sculptures Inspired by Nature Of Kate McDowell  In her delicate crafted porcelain sculptures conceptual artist Kate McDowell expresses her interpretation of the clash between the natural world and the modern-day environmental impact of industrialized society. The resulting works can be equal parts amusing and disturbing as

WARNING [Shocking Content] – The Unsettling and Creepy Sculptures of Choi Xooang

[SHOCKING CONTENT] The Unsettling Creepy Sculptures of Choi Xooang Coming from South Korea, Choi Xooang has been sculptig for almost 14 years now. Introduced to sculpture in an art school, he was immediately struck by the medium and the possibility of creating an actual and tangible object. Both fascinating and disturbing,

Flayed Bears by Deborah Simon, fake, animals, anatomy, sculpture, flow-art-station, dark art

Flayed Bears Reflect On Human, Animal Relationships by Deborah Simon’s

Deborah Simon’s ‘Flayed’ Bears Reflect On Human, Animal Relationships With her Flayed Animals series, American artist Deborah Simon explores the relationship between humans and animals, unveiling the fragility of the animal kingdom facing of our modern civilization. Between embroidery and fake taxidermy, Deborah Simon‘s sculptures expose bears and rabbits, expressing man’s hypocrisy towards

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