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« Thank you very much for your kind words and many comments!
  This has been studied to be an attractive Art site.
  Being curators, our goal is to publish pedagogically everything that reflects our current society.
  Behind meticulous research, there is first of all a willingness to playfull teach.
  Our content is sufficiently ecclectic to suit everyone!
  In addition: by going over the text links; you will discover talented artists, and learn more about their motivation.
  Share, transmit so that others later pass the flame of our passion.
If creation is a revolt for some, or a renunciation for others; There remains a temporal   testimony of a part of humanity. »     _@Flowartstation&Cie

Varages, France.

_About Vanina Lys, curator 1043

*French Curator _ (I love contemporary art and artists)
French Painter, Visual Artist
* Master I in Clinical Psychology
* Behavioral Psychology Specialist
* University Diploma in behavioral and cognitive therapy at IFH (French Institute of Aix en Provence)
* Experience in Psychoanalysis
* Painting, Sculpture, Music, Movies, Psychology, Philosophy, Art History, Esthetism, photography
* Hero, Hamlet, And for a few dollars more, Flight over a cuckoo’s nest, Solaris, Gladiator
* The philosophy of Kierkegaard, What is Thought ?, Psychology, Beyond the Principle of Pleasure, Antigone of Sophocles, Letters to a Young Poet of Rainer Maria Rilke etc …

* I love and respect the animal reign more than anything in the world.
I regret that I did not react earlier; I do not feed with animal flesh, because it has become obvious!

Symbols to Look for When Shopping Cruelty-Free



« What a crime to engulf entrails in one’s heart, to fatten one’s body with another, and to live on the death of a living being like us! » Pythagoras (580-497 BC), Greek philosopher and mathematician

« It is only too certain that this disgusting carnage, spread incessantly in our butcheries and in our kitchens, does not seem to us an evil […] What is there more abominable than to feed continuously on corpses?  »  Voltaire (1772) French philosopher

« Those who think about it for the first time will wonder how such cruelty [to animals] has been allowed to continue in this age of civilization. » Charles Darwin (1863) English naturalist

« A boundless compassion that unites us with all living beings is the strongest, the surest guarantee of morality. » Arthur Schopenhauer (1840) German philosophe

« If he seriously and sincerely seeks the moral way, the first man to deprive himself of will be animal food; because [….] its use is simply immoral, because it requires action contrary to the feeling of morality – assassination – and it is provoked only by gluttony, voracity.  » Leo Tolstoy (1891) Russian writer

« Then, could not we, from nation to nation, begin to agree on the love we owe to animals? And this, simply, in the name of suffering, to kill the suffering, the abominable suffering of which nature lives and that humanity should strive to reduce as much as possible, of a continuous struggle, the only struggle to which it would be wise to persist.  » Émile Zola (1840-1902) – French writer and journalist

« Sometimes men are too easily discouraged to think that the individual can not do anything, and they come […] to want to close their eyes […]: they have the impression that by turning the back [to these miseries], they exist less real. This point of view is false and cowardly.  » Albert Schweitzer (1908) Philosopher and Alsatian doctor (Nobel Peace Prize 1952)

« When I see a cow, I do not see an animal that needs to be eaten. She is for me a poem of pity. […] The protection of the cow […] is the protection of all life, of all that in the world is weak is powerless. The protection of the cow means fraternity of men and animals.  » Mohandas Gandhi (1921) Philosopher and indie politician

« [E] t the terrible screams of the gutted cows fill the valley with pain […]. I denounce all those who ignore the other half […]. I denounce the conspiracy of these deserts laboratories that do not announce the agonies on the radio. » Federico Garcia Lorca (1930) Spanish poet and playwright

« I often say to myself that if we had not accepted for generations to see animals smothered in wagons cattle, […] no one, not even the soldiers responsible for transporting them, would have supported the leaded wagons of the years 1940-1945.  » Marguerite Yourcenar (1980) French-American writer

« The true goodness of man can not be manifested in all purity  and in complete freedom only with regard to those who do not represent any force. The true moral test of humanity […] is relationships with those who are at his mercy: animals. »           Milan Kundera (1984) Czech writer

« [A] day will come when the idea that, in order to feed oneself, men of the past raised and massacred living beings and complaisantly exposed their ragged flesh in shop windows, will no doubt inspire the same repulsion as travelers of the sixteenth century. or the seventeenth century, cannibal meals of American, Oceanian or African savages. » Claude Lévi-Strauss (1996) Anthropologist and French ethnologist