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WHEN ART HAS NO LIMIT! Here, a range of creative art media, culture blog. Art,  Design, Illustration, Photography, Painting, Sculpture, Installation, Surreal art, Digital art, Fashion, Conceptual art, Dark art, Anatomy, Contemporary art.and more…

This blog intends only to promote and share photography, art and artists and has NO commercial activity. Arts education and programming is becoming increasingly inaccessible to a new generation. I see programs and funding either becoming obsolete or lacking the stability to continue fostering creative futures; we have to pick up that slack to educate, learn and share amongst each other.

So I founded FLOW ART STATION, an online Arts & Culture to celebrate art in all its forms. By keeping our finger on the pulse of the art world we hope to stimulate and awaken the desire for others to continue to use art as a vehicle to shape and reflect the varying viewpoints of each communities.

Even though it has a bigger sensibility, I don’t want to forget just how fun and alive the immersion into arts can make you feel – and how it helps us relate to one another.  My commitment is to descend to the depths of things and you expose the truth of the work.

Only the creator of the work that interests me, I position myself in the contemplation of the work, I try to watch, imagine what he wanted to transmit. Transmission that the narcissistic artist trying to say to his audience, a language I’m trying to decipher. Body language and mind.

If the macabre and the dark current is the main reason is the desire for me to play and play rules and taboos. There is in all of these pictures intensified.Crucifixion feeling is that the artist continues to replay with a bloody illusion. The horror here creates an aesthetic shock that recalls the works of Baroque art. The suffering of martyrs tortured. Dark art gore, bloody and morbid.

Surrealist Art has an interest in terms of madness and suffering it imposes on the mind. It establishes a strong link uniting the real world and the sensible world of dreams and a form of continuity between waking and sleeping state.

Surrealism is a research unit of reality and imagination: “I believe in the future resolution of these two states, apparently so contradictory, that are the dream and reality, into a kind of absolute reality. ”(Andre Breton)


Vanina Lys  Suard-Ridings – Founder