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Surreal digital sculptures by Adam Martinakis


adam-martinakis-for-the-love-of-gold - Copie

adam-martinakis-digital-illustration-1634 6aaf432143301.585d838f35160 adam-martinakis-digital-illustration-174oi


martinakis_adam_55_lightbreak_02_EroVVheel.jpg 9e046e57937063.59e93ba2a2c02.jpg

tumblr_n4rp2ztKe91rn2fvxo8_1280 - Copie

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235017wmb6qdmqa4uye6mu.jpg.thumb lightbreak_v01_1280



Surreal digital sculptures by Adam Martinakis : dreamy, otherworldy and mystical

On Behance

Polish-Greek Adam Martinakis is a visionary digital artist, as you can see from these extraordinary images here. He specializes in computer generated art including 3-D animation, and he uses photo-realist techniques to make profound statements about human beings: how we use our bodies and interact with others.

Adam Martinakis explores the dreamworld and creates digital sculptures depicting surreal human figures in mystical artistic expression. His artwork seems to represent the living and the dead in both human and alien forms. Nevertheless, in both forms, Adam has creatively rendered his subjects, featured below, trying to understand the meaning and purpose of life, with great emotional passion. Simply… Amazing!

Enjoy these beautiful, otherworldy sculptures created by extremely imaginative mind.

« I imagine art being a bridge, a connection between the spirit and the material, the living and the absent, the personal and the universal.

We explore the unknown of light and darkness, in a supplementary coexistence that forms the event horizon of the creation.

I compose scenes of the nonexistence, the echo of the living void, immersed in the metaphysics of perception.”

lovegames_01 from Adam Martinakis on Vimeo.


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