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18 Of The Most Magnificent Trees in the World




125+ Year Old Rhododendron “Tree” In Canada /via reddit


144-Year-Old Wisteria In Japan//  credits: y-fu


Wind-Swept Trees In New Zealand  /  credits: tungnam.


Wind-Swept Trees In New Zealand / photo by seabirdnz


Antarctic Beech Draped In Hanging Moss In Oregon/ photo by Drew Hopper


Blooming Cherry Trees in Bonn, Germany/ credits: Adas Meliauskas


Angel Oak In John’s Island In South Carolina/ photo by Daniela Duncan


Flamboyant Tree, Brazil/ photo by Salete T Silva


Dragonblood Trees, Yemen/ photo by Csilla Zelko


The President, Third-Largest Giant Sequoia Tree In The World, California


Maple Tree Tunnel in Oregon / photo by Ian Sane


Rainbow Eucalyptus In Kauai, Hawaii /photo by jwilsonnorton


Rainbow Eucalyptus In Kauai, Hawaii/ photo by Christopher Martin


Jacarandas in Cullinan, South Africa/ photo by Elizabeth Kendall


Avenue Of Oaks At Dixie Plantation In South Carolina / credits: Lee Sosby


Baobab Trees In Madagascar / credits: confitalsurf


Cannonball Tree/ h/t boredpanda


The Dark Hedges In Northern Ireland/ credits: Stephen Emerson


The Dark Hedges In Northern Ireland/ credits: Stephen Emerson


Banyan Tree  / via deviantart

18 Of The Most Magnificent Trees in the World

Trees are an incredible part of nature, vital to our everyday survival. Trees dot city squares, suburban landscapes, and uninhabited forests all over the world. With some 400 billion trees on the planet, and over 23,000 different kinds of trees, it takes an extra special something to make a tree stand out.

While you see trees everyday of your life, some trees are different, unique in such a way you can’t help but stare in awe. There are certain trees, be they tall, thick, full of bright colors, or simply one-of-a-kind, that capture the attention of all who pass by. And when finally photographed, the photos of these extra special trees go viral on the Internet.

Say for example, the tree pictured above, which is one of the most stunning of its type. With brilliant pink blossoms, this tree is over 125 years old. This is known as the rhododendron tree. Although it is called a ‘tree’ it is actually a collection of very large shrubs. What makes this ‘tree’ so special? Most rhododendron trees look more like shrubs, but due to the age of this beauty, she’s had plenty of time to grow.

There are many other breathtaking trees all over the world, here are 18 of the most magnificent.

H/T: Earth Porm


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    • Ah yes, indeed: beautiful and grandiose picture of tree, in black and white, thank you very much.
      Anyway, there are still many more …
      I will make a publication.
      I will dream of living surrounded by trees, I miss it, I need to see nature; she reassures me.
      Old trees are like strong entities, witnesses of a time, and endowed with a regenerating power.

      Aimé par 1 personne

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