Hollow Animal Sculpture Made Of Metal Branches By  Kang Dong Hyun

Korean artist Kang Dong Hyun makes stunning animal sculptures by putting together metallic branches and twigs. The artworks, amazingly delicate, and abstract yet precise, are entirely made from metal, even though they look like they grew out of a tree.

The ethereal works of three-dimensional art portray majestic animals such as lions, elephants, and horses. In one piece, a rhinoceros appears to have grown organically, upwards from its roots-like silvery hooves. In another, a lion’s bushy mane is depicted with a giant nest of sculpted branches. One other piece takes the shape of a stooping, bird-like creature, formed from bronchi-like metal branches, which concentrate along its underside to reveal its angular silhouette.

A gorgeous and impressive work, you can find on Kang Dong Hyun’s Instagram

source My Modern Met