Magnificent Bird sculpture Crafted with Silverware by Matt Wilson

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South-Carolina based artist Matt Wilson  aka Airtight Artwork brings old silverware to life in his bent and welded sculptures of birds and other wildlife. Fastened to pieces of driftwood or mounted to segments of old lumber, the pieces seem to capture the lifelike essence of the robins, owls, and sea creatures they represent despite a minimal number of components. Wilson has an uncanny ability to let the found objects in his pieces speak for themselves, adapting the natural curvature of spoons and forks into folded wings and long tails.

metal-birds-matt-wilson-airtight-artwork-2Matt-Wilson10metal-birds-matt-wilson-airtight-artwork-8metal-birds-matt-wilson-airtight-artwork-15wilson-9 metal-birds-matt-wilson-airtight-artwork-21metal-birds-matt-wilson-airtight-artwork-9via My Modern Met