Designer Drills Holes into Quarters, Turns Them into Rings



Designer Drills Holes into Quarters, Turns Them into Rings

 on Etsy/ facebook / TheRingTree

Designer Nicholas Heckaman of The Ring Tree meticulously handcrafts detailed rings out of US coins. The Gainesville, Florida-based designer first discovered his skill when he was looking for the perfect ring to propose to his girlfriend with. He managed to create a special engagement ring out of a silver coin with a hammer and “a lot of patience.”

After crafting that first ring and being able to show it off to admiring friends and family, Heckaman was encouraged to craft more. Thus, he embarked on an ongoing project, continually perfecting his craft and expanding his collection of coin rings. Unlike his smooth engagement ring, though, he began focusing on producing rings that maintain the coin’s original designs on both sides. Heckaman says, “It took some trial and error, some failed attempts, and a bit of frustration, but I finally got my first double-sided coin ring.”

source:mymodernmetvia reddit

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Artists deserve respect even if you do not like their work; abstain from any negative prejudices! The commentary is a understanding analysis. Thank you

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