Surreal Cosmic Collages by Ellery Mann

Boundless imagination teems unnatural ideas possible and proves an escapism into the dynamic world of surrealism. Probing through the six senses these collage series by Ellery Mann delves into the aspect of Cosmic Realism.

Travelling to galaxies beyond and stars unknown is an opulent dream for mankind which is quenched by super sci-fi movies, videos or if the patience persists, stories of realms, only imaginable. Technological transcendence has brought about a biblical change in visualization and such is the pull of photo manipulation this era that the decadence which trails these gripping telltale visuals, have a story of their own.

Juxtaposing the normalcy of vintage portraits of men, women and children to the infinitism of the cosmos Ellery freezes the frame over the surrealism which is experienced only in the dreams. The elegance of the vintage is trapped in the surrealism of the cosmos.

Instead of me, telling the story each can have their own theories probing infinite mysteries of the possibilities.

Take a trip to outer space and back with Ellery Mann’s “radical abstractions of the imagination”.  Ellery has been doing art for over a decade and just recently graduated from SUNY Farmingdale with a background in design.  Currently he puts his focus in art direction, advertising, brand identity, print, web, and Ellery also has an awesome gallery on Instagram, if you’d like to see more collaborations I highly recommend you follow him @ell_4.


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    Ellery Mann is definitely a kindred soul with his visions. My favorite image featured in Flow Art Station’s post is the man walking through a wormhole in space but they are all amazing and thought provoking to me. Hope you enjoy them too.

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