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Funniest and Most Hilarious Comedy Wildlife Awards Photos Of 2017 (2)

è »WTF?! »

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-winners-2017-9-5a33d73c56747__880George Cathcart

“Only room for two”

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-winners-2017-1-5a33d725d0d14__880Tibor Kercz

 “Eh What’s Up Doc?”

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-winners-2017-13-5a33d7446af6c__880 Olivier Colle

« Saturday Night Fever »

162298.jpgChris Martin

« Hello? Are You Awake? »

1000639Kristine Mayes

« Trouble In Parad’ice »

comedy-wildlife-2017-entries-7Peter Odeh

« Guys, mom has a headache »

nintchdbpict000369471444 Melissa Nolan

« he got stuck or what? »

00000187_p.jpgBarb D’Arpino

« I’m Ok »


Yamamoto Tsuneo

« Which way? »

comedy-wildlife-2017-finalists-3Aster Leung

« Don’t lose your head »

Monique-Jöris_Headless-penguins_00000924_preview Monique Joris

« You can’t see me »

comedy-wildlife-2017-finalists-15 Nadav Bagim

Break dancing?

comedy-wildlife-2017-finalists-21 Johnny Kaapa

« Three Tanors »

comedy-wildlife-2017-entries-5.jpg Roie Galitz

« Pirate In Disguise »

funny-animals-wildlife-comedy-awards-3017_10 Andres Vejar

« OoohMatron »

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-2017-2-59646f916acc2__880Gill Merritt

« Let Me Clear My Vision »

comedy-wildlife-2017-finalists-13Arkaprava Ghost

« Outsourcing Seatbelt Checks »

comedy-wildlife-2017-entries-3 Graeme Guy

« Kung Fu Training »

comedy-wildlife-2017-entries-4.jpg Andrey Giljov

« Look away »

comedy-wildlife-2017-finalists-31 Melissa Usrey

4610F0A600000578-0-image-a-79_1509962655149 Miguel Illana

« Foxing around »

comedy-wildlife-2017-finalists-29 John Sheridan

« What is so funny? »

comedy-wildlife-2017-finalists-28 Brian Valente

« I believe I can fly »

comedy-wildlife-2017-finalists-26Esa Ringbom

« Peek-a-boo »

comedy-wildlife-2017-finalists-19 Tanakit Suwanyangyaun

A terrifyingly big grin in ‘Smile.’

comedy-wildlife-2017-finalists-10Eugene Kitsios

« The finger! »

comedy-wildlife-2017-finalists-7Linda Oliver

« Giraf-spirations »

comedy-wildlife-2017-finalists-17Paulette Struckman

« You crack me up’

00000205_p Tina Stehr

« Hold your applause »

00000203_pBudkov Denis

« Huh? »

00000183_pJosef Friedhuber

« Tightrope »

00000189_pJasmine Vink

« Backhand »

00000186_p Hannele Kaihola

« The Operating System Cannot Run »

comedy-wildlife-2017-entries-9Victoria Stanley

“Stop and smell the flowers”


“Hitching A Ride”

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-winners-2017-8-5a33d73a2e6af__880 Daisy Gilardini

“All Dressed And Ready For Church”

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-winners-2017-5-5a33d72f0decc__880Carl Henry

« Pikachu! »

1000641.jpg Nadav Bagim

« Must Have Three-putted »

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-winners-2017-7-5a33d73802479__880Douglas Croft

« Get out the way »

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-winners-2017-4-5a33d72c74f06__880Troy Mayne


comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-winners-2017-11-5a33d74043afd__880Penny Palmer 

“Date night”

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-winners-2017-6-5a33d73605162__880 Bence Mate


comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-winners-2017-12-5a33d7424c88d__880Katy Laveck-Foster

“Animal Encounters”

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-winners-2017-14-5a33d74665915__880Jean Jacques Alcalay

« Stopped By A Toll Collector »

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-2017-3.jpg Katarina Denesova

“Duck Speed”

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-winners-2017-3-5a33d729e7347__880John Threlfall

“Mudskippers Got Talent”

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-winners-2017-10-5a33d73e317f9__880Daniel Trim

Funniest and Most Hilarious Comedy Wildlife Awards Photos Of 2017 (2)


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The awards are meant to highlight whimsical, “possibly unpretentious” photography of wild animals doing funny things, according to their website. Some of the silliest images from past contests have gone viral, and this year’s certainly have the potential to do the same. Ultimately, the founders’ main goal is conservation.

“Well… you are now obviously going to go to your office, home, pub, club, or wherever and talk about the dire need for us all to be conservationists in our own little way,” the competition’s founders write on their website. The contest is affiliated with the Born Free Foundation wildlife conservation charity. But Kércz likes how it gives humans the chance to see animals in a more relatable light.

“It is a great initiative and [gives us the] chance to show people how funny and lovable these cute creatures are, like we are,” he said.

The contest received over 3,500 submissions, which were required to have been taken by the photographer, not of a pet or domesticated animal, and without being digitally manipulated.

H/T:  comedywildlifephoto

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