Hello dears subscribers

I’m addressing today, to some loyal art lovers of FlowArtStation.

Among my followers, are always bloggers, that I could not follow because I can find them only, every time they come to visit my blog by seeing them on the notifications, because there, their links work!

But if I want to visit them at any other time, it becomes complicated to find them because I have no link to their website wp

So if these kind people finally deign to install their wordpress websites with active link, on their profile Gravatar: everything will be in order. It is also essential for their blogs, and for their future subscribers. Please rectify this oversight, please, please! Thank you in advance.


N.B If you do not understand my request, because I misspoke, or if you do not know the manipulation; ask for help from someone who has understood my message and who knows how to make this adjustment.

Visit Link→ Connect WordPress Sites to Your Gravatar Profile

Source:WordPress Tavern

*Do not « LIKE » this information, but read it.

Thanks to everyone.


3 commentaires sur « Please to install your wordpress websites with active link, on your Gravatar profile ! Thanks »

  1. This starts getting annoying and I get an irritating spam feeling, really… If you want an easy access to some sites, there are many ways to organize that on a computer without having to move the world… just a few clicks…


    1. 1) you calm down.
      2) Do not speak to me in this hysterical tone.
      This is how you formulate your answers.
      But you think you’re talking to whom, with that very unkind way, you’re showing.
      You are not the world …
      Please do not give internet solutions « just a few click »; you do not seem to know how to use it.
      The blog art, I’m dealing with is semi-professional.
      You feel angry because you have not grasped the message.
      You have not learned anything about the essential functioning of a blog.
      Adding your website was in your interest and respect to new bloggers who have no link where to find you, below your Gravatar profile.
      It is an inconsistent and incorrect oversight.
      In addition you state unfounded arguments and show bad faith!
      It’s pathetic to lack resources to this point.
      It is obvious that from now on you have revealed yourself as being someone of unforgivable impoliteness who has only betrayed your profound narcissism.

      Good continuation


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