Extremely Detailed Macro Portraits of Colorfully Exotic Insects

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Beautiful macro photos of insects by Milan-based photographer, illustrator and designer Francesco Bagnato. Describing himself as an insect lover and breeder, the photos show different types of jewel beetles with their chromatic and iridescent exterior. The insects interact with their ecosystems by feeding on plants and fungi, breaking down animal and plant debris, and eating other invertebrates.

Via: ViralBandit

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    1. Yes, we need all species for our ecosystem.
      The photographer’s passion in his motivation is accompanied by a bio-ethical message.
      Respect for nature above all.

      Their exoskeleton that are crossed between the armor, the carapace and the design of a spacecraft. Fascinating.
      However I’m quite embarrassed to see them photographed inanimate, as under the neon lights of the operating room!
      After all, macro photography, light is everything; these exotic insects have always been colorful because of the climate of other countries.

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