ESSENTIAL: Put your WP LINKS on YOUR GRAVATARS You are still too many to forget to note your wordpress links on your Gravatar. Hard to find you! THANK YOU _F.A.S

Please do not underestimate the role of this widget!

Put your WP LINKS- (website) on YOUR GRAVATARS

Especially when it is agreed to:
« Find me on the Net ».
Sometimes photograhy, the descriptive are present and no link, so
not access to the person’s blog.
This is a bit disappointing for Some,  however an involuntary act,

for others, damaging  for everyone.

Could it not be, has missed act?

How many bloggers I had to leave behind, which I did not subscribe.

From wordpress, it is obvious that this is not required highlighted.

Since those 7 months, I counted them.
Approximately 200 people per month, virtually untraceable.

Add your site with the link « worpress site »,to subscribe easily; to discover oneself, and vice versa.

 Of course so if bloggers fix it; it will be more positive.

Thanks for the reading



Demonstration link:

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