Eccentric Fashion Collages by Johanna Goodman

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Eccentric Fashion Collages by Johanna Goodman

New York-based Artist, Johanna Goodman studied at Boston University’s School of Fine Art (Boston) and Parsons School of Design (NYC) where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration in 1992.
She has been a freelance Illustrator ever since. Her work has garnered awards from The Society of Publication Design, American Illustration, and Communication Arts

Colorful and funny, Johanna Goodman‘s collages are also real manifests. They question the place of the human being in fashion, history, environment or pop culture. Her work, inspired by Jean-Jacques Audubon’s ornithology illustrations is also referred to strong symbols such as totems or talismans.

From the series ‘Catalogue of Imaginary Beings’.
Via :Collateral


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