HYBYCOZO: The Hyperspace Bypass Construction Zone by Yelena Filipchuk & Serge Beaulieu




HYBYCOZO: The Hyperspace Bypass Construction Zone

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Hyperspace Bypass Construction Zone, is made of 3 complex 3D geometric shapes or 3 very simple 4D shapes, depending on how you look at it… Each is over 6 feet tall and made from gold laser cut steel panels. At night, they will be lit up with addressable LEDs.
We are seeking your support to help fund the installation of HYBYCOZO at Burning Man festival.
Yelena Filipchuk & Serge Beaulieu , from San Francisco who are inspired by the intersection of geometry, physics, art, science and are seeking to find the answer to life, the universe and everything. Our search has been profoundly affected by patterns that seem to be ever present in ancient and modern cultures and religions and mathematical and scientific models trying to describe the natural world.
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