7 thoughts on “New York Womenswear S/S 2015 Gareth Pugh

    1. The presentation is eccentric. Do not include accessories, and some importable models. Moreover the fabrics are easy to sew in your measurements. For example, I had cut a cream dress, equivalent fabric, a copy of one of the designs and it never crumpled. I was wearing it with ballerinas and a little soft hat. Any little adjust I had a fashion store. And my clients knew that my dressmaker would make all the alterations possible. I also drew sometimes. I knew a seamstress who had a beautiful villa built, it tells you how much they are solicited and everything not declared.
      She had some success. This designer is known for these futuristic cuts, but it remains simple in sewing for some models.

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  1. Elle a vraiment du talent! J’aurais bien aimé te voir porter la tenue que tu réalisé conformément au modèle que tu viens de spécifier dans ton précédent commentaire.


  2. C’était une robe avec des volants. Oui j’avais de jolies choses….
    Mais je ne porte plus rien de beau désormais. Je ne sors plus du tout et suis obligée de rester allongée toute la journée.


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