Photographer Was Taking Cute Photos Of Rats To Brake A Negative Image Of Them

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Photographer Was Taking Cute Photos Of Rats To Brake A Negative Image Of Them

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Diane Özdamar is a French illustrator, photographer and graphic designer, currently living in Montreal who has been taking pictures of pet rats for years hoping to break the negative image that is often associated with these lovely animals.
Diane Ozdamar: ‘As far as I can remember I have always loved rats and any rodent people would call ‘pest’. When I first got pet rats, I was thrilled to discover they were so clean, smart and affectionate, very far from the nasty dirty rat myth most people believe in.
Thus, I decided to rescue and foster abandoned and abused rats until I could find them a forever home. This led me to take pictures of them: finding a home to a rat is not an easy task since they suffer from a very bad reputation and I had to make their cute personalities stand out so people would consider adopting them.
Some of the rats you can see here were mine, others were rats I fostered, and some belonged to my friends. Most of these pictures have been exhibited for the last 5 years at the ‘Animal Expo’ show in Paris, where people can meet a team of animal rights activists and volunteers to get information about rodents and exotic pets maintenance’.


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  1. It is curious, because views like this is something else, while when we see them through the city the vast majority produces rejection.

    It is true that I take an advantage because I adore other rodents, especially the guinea pigs, chinchillas and the world’s largest rodent, the “Carpincho” or “Capybara” which, as a pet, is an intelligent animal, Very affectionate and that interacts wonderfully with the human being.

    Are not they adorable?:

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    • Dear ramrock! I love all animals, in general! But especially rodents and I knew you liked hamsters or guinea pigs. I know of course the biggest rodent in the world and I find it exeptional! Thank you for the video that I will send to my husband, rodent worshiper. But I will confide to you one thing which you will not speak to me any more. Please.
      I lost my 2 chinchillas, 2 months ago. I always weep and I will not forget! See I can not finish my sentence
      They were my children ….
      I am vegetarian and I defend the rights of animals.
      Vanina Lys

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  2. Where’s the LOVE button? I was not a fan of rats until I found a pet rat nearly frozen to death on the sidewalk at work one winter morning. I thought he was dead and touched him with my boot and he flinched. I put him in a small box and brought him inside.
    A few hours later he was warmed and moving around so my son and I made a trip to the pet store to buy food and find out how to care for him. He was such a sweetie. He lived with us for about five years.
    Thanks for these sweet pictures!

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