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Hypnotic Photos of Mixed Ink by Mark Lovejoy

art-mark-lovejoy-05 - Copie
art-mark-lovejoy-01art-mark-lovejoy-feature - Copieart-mark-lovejoy-10 - Copieart-mark-lovejoy-08 - Copieart-mark-lovejoy-06 - Copieart-mark-lovejoy-04 - Copieart-mark-lovejoy-03 - Copieart-mark-lovejoy-02 - Copie
art-mark-lovejoy-09 - Copie
art-mark-lovejoy-07 - Copie

Mark Lovejoy’s surreal spilled paint photos look like stretched taffy

These otherworldly photographs by texas-based artist mark lovejoy seem to be some molten material from a candy factory; swirling pastel pinks, hot reds and baby blues fold and ripple like stretched taffy before it hardens.



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Artists deserve respect even if you do not like their work; abstain from any negative prejudices! The commentary is a understanding analysis. Thank you

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