art-mark-lovejoy-05 - Copie
art-mark-lovejoy-01art-mark-lovejoy-feature - Copieart-mark-lovejoy-10 - Copieart-mark-lovejoy-08 - Copieart-mark-lovejoy-06 - Copieart-mark-lovejoy-04 - Copieart-mark-lovejoy-03 - Copieart-mark-lovejoy-02 - Copie
art-mark-lovejoy-09 - Copie
art-mark-lovejoy-07 - Copie

Mark Lovejoy’s surreal spilled paint photos look like stretched taffy

These otherworldly photographs by texas-based artist mark lovejoy seem to be some molten material from a candy factory; swirling pastel pinks, hot reds and baby blues fold and ripple like stretched taffy before it hardens.



One thought on “Hypnotic Photos of Mixed Ink by Mark Lovejoy

  1. Beautiful! These flowing, folded, crumpled patterns of color are just gorgeous. I’ll be marble dying some fabric soon and am so inspired.


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