Sublime Floral Installations By Rebecca Louise Law

Sublime Floral Installations By Rebecca Louise Law

British contemporary artist, Rebecca Louise Law is one of United Kingdom’s most promising artists, known for her flower compositions and her still life installations. Working with flowers, the artist is an expert on creating spectacular installations by using nature as her material.
Her sculptural installations are somehow the evolution of nature. How nature got turned into art and how its natural beauty was adjusted for its new purpose. The artist’s series are made out of flowers, foliage and insects, that she preserves through drying, a process that gives them a new quality and a lasting vivid appearance. This kind of work has spiritual and philosophical aspects, regarding life itself, decay and rebirth, notions the artist investigates through her creations. The artist then became experimenting with Color Field Art to finally transit into sculpture and installation. Her beautiful flower installations have been exhibited internationally, while many of her works are commissioned by art galleries and cultural centers, such as “The Flower Garden Display’d” for The Garden Museum, London, “The Grecian Garden” for the Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens and “Flowers 2015: Outside In” in Times Square, New York.
  1. Questo post è’ uno dei piu belli, fra tutta la collezione di artisti!



  2. C’est vraiment magnifique! Que de belles choses chez vous V! Merci de ce partage!



    1. j’avais écrit quelques mots pour vous, ils se sont effacés.. Là j’suis en plein boum! Je vous les enverrais plus tard …

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    2. Ne vous sentez pas obligée de liker mais bon si cela vous plaît ok Miss roumanie!

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    3. Cela me plaît!


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