This blog will not participate in any election.
Games, nomination, contests, awards, although symbolic as they may be.

Please do not select me. Thank you.
his Art blog is in a category apart from that of authors writers, or photographers etc.
I am in partnership and from an ethical point of view. No participation in competitions, tournaments, appointments, evaluations, promotions will be undertaken.

Apart from some people who know my blog, and love art and artists, no one but me can give an estimate to my creative work.

I refer to blogger:

Aphadolie – News Worldwide | You should take a look at this blog!

Otherwise no one can evaluate the evolution of my blog as much as me.
Moreover, creativity is at the antipode of the competition.
I am a free electron.
I do not express the need to be compared, elected, honored, recognized blogger in this or that category.
In competition there is a winner and losers, in creation, there are never bad ideas, there are only ideas more or less successful.
I do not want to compete with anyone. I have no desire to play the game to be better than anyone else. I just want to continue my educational
mission and convey my passion for creativity.

Thank you

Flow Art Station


2 commentaires sur « This blog will not participate in any election! Thank you »

    1. You’re not upset. I hope…
      Sorry Ash Douglas.
      I know it was a good feeling.
      There is nothing specifically directed against you.
      Other people wanted to do like you …
      But for me these things have no interest.
      We all have divergent opinions
      Just respect the choice of the other.
      Thank you!


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