Spectacular Nail Sculpture by Marcus Levine

marcus levine male eye





Spectacular Nail Sculptures – Marcus Levine

Marcus Levine is an artist with a unique approach to sculpture. Use nails, with a set of hammering at different heights and distances to compose impressive works up 50,000 nails. His works of art can contain from 15,000 to 200,000 nails, depending on their size and complexity. Levine began his career as an artist working with abstract works, but became interested in sculptures after he noticed “the interplay between the rigid, angular nails and the soft curves of the human torso”. Levine became a nail sculptor in 2004, after spending much of his early career working with different art forms. Levine was born in Yorkshire, England. He attended the Leeds College of Art in Leeds, Yorkshire where he first became interested in abstract art.

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Artists deserve respect even if you do not like their work; abstain from any negative prejudices! The commentary is a understanding analysis. Thank you

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