Sculptures Whale Bodies Symbolize The Six Realms Of Buddhism by Isana Yamada

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Sculptures Whale Bodies Symbolize The Six Realms Of Buddhism by Isana Yamada

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Artist Isana Yamada’s tranquil graduation project is drawing the attention of admirers inside and outside the classroom. The Tokyo University of the Arts student recently revealed his creative submission for his school’s final exhibition. The piece, 輪廻 Samsara, depicts six whales “swimming” in an arching circle, meant to symbolize the circle of existence; with each whale representing one of the posthumous paths towards reincarnation.  Inside the whales are beautiful submerged worlds, with submarine volcanoes, sailing ships, and a sea of clouds all contained within.

Onlookers were captivated by the intricate display, each whale transparent enough to provide a glimpse of an entire world contained within its body.

h/t: ( mymodernmet /boredpanda)

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