Crafts Porcelain Sculptures Inspired By Nature Of Kate McDowell

Weird Crafts Porcelain Sculptures Inspired by Nature Of Kate McDowell

 In her delicate crafted porcelain sculptures conceptual artist Kate McDowell expresses her interpretation of the clash between the natural world and the modern-day environmental impact of industrialized society. The resulting works can be equal parts amusing and disturbing as the anatomical forms of humans and animals become inexplicably intertwined in her delicate porcelain forms. At the American Museum of Ceramic Art



4 commentaires

    1. Grazie per lei!
      Amo questo artista e la sua arte nei piccoli dettagli è una meraviglia.
      E il suo umorismo…
      Sono felice di sapere che ci sono persone che sono attente e che riconoscono la bellezza.

      Aimé par 1 personne

Artists deserve respect even if you do not like their work; abstain from any negative prejudices! The commentary is a understanding analysis. Thank you

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