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Beauty Photography and Make-up Art by Veronica Azaryan with Elsa Ko


 Splendid Makeup Art Photograhy from Russia

Fascinating work by St. Petersburg-based artist Veronica Azaryan with Elsa Ko for  Mousson Atelier jewelry collection.
She envisions everything from makeup to framing the shot, and the end result is remarkable with women painted in solid colors and some splattered with gold paint or sprinkled with colored pigments to create beautiful textures.

h//t: inspirationgrid

  • Idea & Photographer: Veronica Azaryan
  • Post Production: Veronica Azaryan
  • Hair and Makeup: Denis Khudognikov,  Liza Kaisarova
  • Select Management


2 Commentaires

Artists deserve respect even if you do not like their work; abstain from any negative prejudices! The commentary is a understanding analysis. Thank you

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