Saltscapes: Stunning Photos by Murray Fredericks

photography-murray-fredericks-featurephotography-murray-fredericks-04photography-murray-fredericks-03photography-murray-fredericks-06photography-murray-fredericks-01photography-murray-fredericks-12photography-murray-fredericks-10photography-murray-fredericks-08photography-murray-fredericks-11photography-murray-fredericks-09photography-murray-fredericks-07photography-murray-fredericks-05Saltscapes: Stunning Photos by Murray Fredericks

To capture these breathtaking images, Australian photographer Murray Fredericks traveled at least 20 times to Lake Eyre, a desert lake that contains the lowest natural point in Australia, at approximately 15m below sea level.
In this exhibition Fredericks interrupts his boundless, ethereal horizons through the intervention of mirrors, examining notions of narcissism and the human condition in the age of the Anthropocene.

via Colossal

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