Photographer Spends Hours on Bridges to Capture Colorful Portraits of Street Vendors

Loes Heerink had worked in Hanoi as a teacher, a photographer, writer, designer and communication officer in four years. She is currently living back home in the Netherlands, and wants to come back to Hanoi to finish a photo book project about street vendors in Hanoi.
From the author:
« I am going to publish a high quality photo book with images from street vendors taken from above. I plan to have around 100 images in the book. With your help this project will be a success and you will be able to enjoy this colorful book filled with images from the roaming vendors of Hanoi!
This project started my fascination for the women carrying their goods. They have no clue how beautiful their bicycles are, no idea they create little pieces of art every day.
The street vendors in Hanoi are often female migrants that spend most of their days trying to make profits on selling fruit, vegetables, snacks and other small items. In the book I will highlight the beauty of Hanoi’s vendors with pictures. All of the pictures are taking from different locations in Hanoi. »
h/t:Hanoi Grapevine