Fire Paintings Draws With Flames And Soot  by Steven Spazuk

More info: spazuk.com | Youtube | Facebook

Steven Spazuk is a Canada-based artist who uses candle soot to create elegant drawings. After depositing soot on his media with a candle or torch, he etches lines and patterns in the soot with  pencils and feathers.

Though Spazuk has spent the last 14 years developing and perfecting his soot painting technique, the creation process always has an element of random spontaneity and improvisation.

source: boredpanda


6 thoughts on “Fire Paintings Draws With Flames And Soot by Steven Spazuk

  1. Wonderful painting with having deep meaning.weldone.before my comment,my dear!!u r most welcome on my blog.i am too so much fond of painting.


  2. really beautiful! reminds me of times when friends would hold paper to flame & tell fortunes – only these are a billion times more gorgeous 🙂


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