Japanese Cardboard Artist Turns Old Amazon Boxes Into Tanks, Food And Other Incredible Sculptures


Japanese Cardboard Artist Turns Old Amazon Boxes Into Tanks, Food And Other Incredible Sculptures

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The Japanese artist  Monami Ohno uses cardboard to recreate objects with great detail and realism! From the simple can of beer to the complex assault tank through the famous machines of pop culture like the car from Back to the Future or the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, Monami Ohno impresses by the precision of her cardboard sculptures.

(h/t: rocketnews24)

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    1. Hi,Linda Arthur Tejera.

      Of all the artists we choose, for our art site: those are the crafts, the most spectacular because they have little means and great capacities!
      Those are our favorites. This proves at such a point that art can be found everywhere and has no limits!
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