Flayed Bears by Deborah Simon, fake, animals, anatomy, sculpture, flow-art-station, dark art1-1253-1157-985-1106-105flayed-animals-Deborah-Simon-5flayed-animals-Deborah-Simon-28-919-8610-79flayed-animals-Deborah-Simon-611-7112-6213-5614-5515-47

flayed-animals-Deborah-Simon-12flayed-animals-Deborah-Simon-13Deborah Simon’s ‘Flayed’ Bears Reflect On Human, Animal Relationships

With her Flayed Animals series, American artist Deborah Simon explores the relationship between humans and animals, unveiling the fragility of the animal kingdom facing of our modern civilization. Between embroidery and fake taxidermy, Deborah Simon‘s sculptures expose bears and rabbits, expressing man’s hypocrisy towards animals, between fascination and adoration, between breeding, hunting and cruel experiments.

h/t: designyoutrust



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